Company Profile

Istanbul Asset Management is founded in 2007. The aim of our company is assisting the individual and institutional investors in a volatile and unpredictable market by managing their assets according to their risk/return preferences. We manage our clients’ portfolio with the eligible financial instruments in capital and money markets as a proxy as per the license given by Capital Markets Board (CMB).


Istanbul AM, being the pioneer in its sector, is not affiliated to any other financial institution or a bank. Whilst managing the clients portfolio and making decision on critical issues such as investments, intermediaries, transaction commissions and benchmark rates, we act independently in absence of conflict of interest. We strive to be the leader in asset management business in Turkey with our experienced and seasoned fund managers.


Our purpose is being the trusted advisors of our clients while managing their portfolios and consistently achieve returns over and above their predefined benchmark.


The client assets are kept by third party custodian banks, where we have custodian agreement and has been licensed by CMB. The client assets are a part of our assets and held under the name of the client that can be reconciled through the custodian bank separately.