Frequently Asked Questions

Do I send my money to Istanbul Portfoy?

The money is wired to the customer account opened at the custodian bank that Istanbul Portfoy has an agreement with.

Does Istanbul Portfoy have the authorization to transfer my investments to third parties?

Istanbul Portfoy has no right to transfer your securities or funds to third parties. 

Can Istanbul Portfoy manage investors' money withoot their knowledge and consent?

Istanbul Portfoy can manage money within the framework of portfolio management agreements signed by the investor. A benchmark is needed to evaluate the income of the investments managed by the portfolio management company and to create a basis for performance fee that will occur at term ends. 

What kind of information is given to clients with respect to their portfolios?

Investors may have all information about their portfolios from Istanbul Portfoy at any time upon request. Our Relationship Managers are available to serve our investors when needed. In addition, investors will receive "Performance Information Reports" periodically. 

Can I invest in a foreign mutul/hedge fund through my account at Istanbul Portfoy?

Based on CMB regulations, only those financial instruments our custodian banks can keep custody shall be invested.