Istanbul Asset Management combines the findings of the Research Team with the expert judgement and assessment of the Fund Managers. Away from speculative trades, our research efforts underpins the activity that is forward looking, holistic, and designed to achieve long-term absolute return, while providing protection against volatility and downside risk. 


What does Istanbul AM Research do? 


Identify mispriced deep value companies: Selling for far below their conservatively estimated intrinsic values which we find based on our discounted free-cash flow projections


Looking at the industry first: The industry should be growing at a higher rate than the GDP, and there should be a leader in the industry. This competitive advantage could stem from a product, process, brand recognition or strong distribution network. 


Strong fundamentals: Strong balance sheet with an optimized leverage ratio.Asset light. Minimum 15% IRR


Differentiated products: Strong operating margins. Operating leverage and economies of scale.