Our Partners and Executive Staff
Partner, Chairman of the Board

Ozaner has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Boğaziçi University in 1990 and started his career in Marbaş Securities Inc. as a dealer and client representative between1990 and 1993. After a short stint in the New York of Global Securities he was relocated to Istanbul Headquarters as an Assistant Director executing the domestic as well as foreign clients’ order flows. During this period he was also responsible for sales and trading activities in Global Securities’ Central Asian operations for 6 months. He has been a consultant to several financial companies afterwards. As of April 2012, he is the partner and the Chairman of the Board of İstanbul Portföy.


Alpaslan ENSARİ
Partner, Vice Chairman of the Board

Ensari has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Boğaziçi University in 1990. In 1992, he received his MBA degree from the University of Massachusetts. While pursuing his MBA degree, Ensari worked at Stone&Webster Engineering Corp. After returning to Turkey, Ensari became the CEO of ABC Consulting, which is a Total Quality Management and Quality Standards Consultancy firm, between the years 1995 and 2000, he worked at Marbaş Securities as the Branch Manager. After working as the Vice President at İktisat Securities between 2000 and 2002, he continued his career at Global Securities Inc. as the Deputy General Manager until 2008. The Piri Reis Fund, he managed at Global Securities, was ranked the third and the first consecutively in terms of performance among all A-type funds. Ensari later became the Deputy General Manager at Mira Securities, where he was responsible with domestic market operations and asset management. As of April 2012, he is the partner and the Vice Chairman of İstanbul Portföy.


Partner, Executive Board Member

Deriner has earned his Bachelor’s degree in economics from Ankara Faculty of Political Sciences in 1996. He started his career in İş Investment in 1996 managing the investment funds, assets, stock certificates and the corporate portfolios’ in the Treasury department. The Long Only Investment Fund he managed was ranked the first in all Long Only Funds in 2002. He generated significant returns for institutional portfolios and expanded the asset management unit during his career in Is Investment. Later on, he was assigned the task of building Yeniköy branch from scratch and turned in into the most profitable unit in the entire network. He then became founding partner of Mira Securities until exiting to RenCap in 2012. As of April 2012 he is one of the acquiring partners of İstanbul Portföy.

Partner, Executive Board Member

Cezairli has earned his B.Sc. in Economics from Middle East Technical University in 1980, then his M.Sc. in Economics from University of Kansas and his Ph. D. İn International Finance and Economics in 1987 from Case Western University. He also has CFA and CAIA certificates. He gave lectures about Corporate Finance, International Finance and Derivatives Market in San Francisco State University and Bogazici University. In 1989 he cofounded the Toros Securities. In 1994 he established the Istanbul Office of Baring Securities and he worked as Director of Research for ING Barings until 1997. He has won numerous awards and ranked consistently as one of the best Turkish analysts by Institutional Investor, Extel, Reuters and Greenwich Surveys over the years. In 1997 he established representative offices for Santander Investment and following the success of the Istanbul office he was transferred to the London as the head of EMEA Product. He contributed the establishments of Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Israel and Egypt offices. In 1999 he returned to the ING Barings as the head of MENA research. Between 2007 and 2009 he was in the asset allocation committee of TEB Asset Management. As of 2012 he is the partner and the board member of İstanbul Portföy.


Mehmet Fevzi ÇELEBİ
Partner, Board Member

Mehmet Fevzi Celebi earned his Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Madison, Wisconsin in 1994. He worked as a General Manager at one of the Marathon Oil/ US Stell Corporations, Emro Marketing, between the years of 1994- 2000. He served as the Director of Prudential Financial from 2000- 2006; he later became the Partner of Artı Bir Group. He has been the Partner/Board member at Istanbul Portfolio Management since 2014.

Mr. Celebi was the president at Turkish American Cultural Association, Vice President and a Board Member at ATAA, he also served as the Board Member at Midwest Turkish American Doctors Society and Turkish American Science, Engineering and Architecture Society (ATASEA).

Celebi has been a member of Chicago University Harris Political Information Faculty Dean International Consulting Council since 2008. He served as the Consulting Board Member at one of the biggest research faculties on aging, Buck Institute.

Celebi served as the president at one of the 61 Turkish- American Foundations, ATAA, between the years of 2013- 2014.


Vice President

Ustay has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Ankara Faculty of Political Sciences and MBA from University of Massachussetts, Boston. Having 23 years of banking experience, Ustay started his career in 1991 working for Capital Markets Department  and Treasury Department of Turk Ekonomi Bank. In 1992 joined to Chemical Bank, worked for 3 years at various desks such as Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income. After Chemical Bank, starting from 1995, he has held senior management roles in Westdeutsche Landesbank Istanbul Branch’s Treasury and Local Markets Trading unit and served 4 years at WestLB Global Emerging Markets Executive Committee until July 2014.
Throughout his career, Ustay provided training seminars to various international firms on topics such as financial markets, risk management and hedging techniques. 


Fund Manager

Subaşı has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Econometrics from Istanbul University in 1996. While studying, he started his career in Çağdaş Konut Hizmetleri as a part time financial analyst in 1992. Between 2000-2005 he worked for Tacirler Securities  as a broker. After a one year period woking as a broker for Raymond James, he  joined Alan Securities as the director of derivatives and investment advisor. He provided commentary on markets for several TV programmes and print media. He has Capital Market Activities Level 3 license and Derivative Instruments license. As of 2008 he is the Director of Portfolio Management of Istanbul Asset Management. 

Ebru Bayar GÖKTAN
Fund Manager

Goktan started her career as an equity analyst in 1997 at Inter Securities and analyzed most of the non-financial sectors in Turkey at local and international brokerage firms over the next eight years. Following this research experience, Goktan moved to Equity sales in 2005 at Oyak Securities and continued at Merrill Lynch Turkey starting from 2007.  By the time she left Merrill Lynch in July 2010, she had become Head of Equities Turkey and was also the CEO of Merrill Lynch’s Turkey Brokerage arm. Her sales experience taught her different perspectives and investment styles of the world’s major fund managers who were her clients. With the macro economic environment finally supporting independent asset management,Goktan became one of the founding partners of Bosphorus Capital Asset Management, with the aim of putting her stock picking skills and Turkish Equity experience to work for investors. With Bosphorus Capital’s AUM exceeding TL1.1bn, the company was sold to Italian Azimut Asset Management in January 2015. Following her exit, Goktan, joined Istanbul Portfoy with the aim of continuing to create value for investors in various equity funds and managed accounts. Goktan has a BA degree in Business Administration from Bosphorus University and is fluent in English and German. 


Fund Manager

Mr. BALCI has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bogazici University in 1993. He worked as a fund manager for Eti Investments, MNG Investments and Tacirler Investments between 1996 and 2016.

The fund he managed at Tacirler was consistently ranked among the top performing funds in Turkey: no. 2 in 1997, no. 4 in 1998 and no. 6 in 2003.

Mr. BALCI has been managing several funds and portfolios in the global and local capital markets. He recently joined Istanbul Portfolio Asset Management in September 2016 and he is founder/ fund manager of Global Macro Fund, Turkey’s first hedge fund.

Investor Relations Director

Mrs. Caglar received her Bachelor’s degree from Istanbul University, Department of Economics in 1992. Her financial services career began with Bank Express A.S. Treasury department. Between 1998- 2002, Mrs. Caglar worked as the Private Manking Manager at KorfezBank, Osmanli Bank and Garanti Bank. Mrs. Caglar was assigned with one of the first three portfolios for the foundation of Turkish Economy Bank afluent banking segment; afterwards she became the branch manager of the bank. She served as Personal and Commercial Branch Manager between the years of 2004- 2014. Mrs. Caglar has been appointed to her current position at Istanbul Portfolio Asset Management as Investor Relations Director since 2015.