Our Funds

What is a Mutual Fund?: Mutual Funds are the assets established for the purpose of managing a portfolio of capital market instruments, real estates, gold and other precious materials on behalf of certificate holders with the money to be raised from the public in consideration of participation certificates based on risk diversification principle and trusted ownership.


What is a Hedge Fund?: Funds established with participation certificates to be sold only to qualified investors are called "HEDGE FUNDS”. All Hedge Funds in Turkey are supervised by the Capital Market Board.


Qualified investor means local and foreign mutual funds, pension funds, investment trusts, intermediay institutions, banks, insurance companies, portfolio management companies, mortgage financing entities, pension and provident funds, foundations, funds established pursuant to the temporary article 20 of the Social Insurance Law numbered 506, associations with public benefit and other investors designated by the Capital Market Board of Turkey in accordance with their qualifications; and individuals and legal entities having capital market instruments equal to at least TRY 1 million in Turkish and/or foreign currency as of the date of initial public offering and/or having capital market instruments.


Istanbul Portfoy manages six (5) mutual funds:

Istanbul Portfolio Short Term Debt Instruments Fund – IST

Istanbul Portfolio Foreign (Emerging Markets) Fixed Income Fund - ARE

Istanbul Portfolio First Variable Mutual Fund - IPB

Istanbul Portfolio Second Variable Mutual Fund - ACD

Istanbul Portfolio Equity Fund - ACK 




Istanbul Portfoy manages eight(8) hedge funds:

Istanbul Portfoy Aries Hedge Fund - IIP

Istanbul Portfoy ARK I Hedge Fund - IAF

Istanbul Portfoy ARK II Hedge Fund - FYA

Istanbul Portfoy Second Hedge Fund - IIS

Istanbul Portfoy Lotus 1 Hedge Fund - IIL

Istanbul Portfoy Third Hedge Fund - IAP

Istanbul Portfoy Fourth Hedge Fund - IAR

Istanbul Portfoy Fifth Hedge Fund - IBE



Istanbul Portfoy manages one(1) venture capital investment fund:

Istanbul Portfoy Yönetimi AS Bosphorist Venture Capital Investment Fund - IGI