Istanbul Asset Management

About Us

Established in 2007, Istanbul Asset Management was purchased by its current staff in April 2012 and serves its investors with its executive staff with more than 20 years of market experience.

Istanbul Asset, the largest independent portfolio management company with domestic capital in Turkey, aims to provide qualified and professional portfolio management services to individual and institutional investors in financial markets by targeting absolute returns in line with their risk and return preferences. Our basic investment principle is to manage their portfolios in the most effective and correct way after deeply analyzing the financial profile and expectations of each of our investors.

Since its establishment, Istanbul Asset has consistently provided healthy and long-term earnings above inflation and benchmarks, while at the same time providing the best possible protection against the risks of financial markets on investors.

Our Investment Strategy

As Istanbul Asset Management, we analyze the macroeconomic and political situation with the aim of providing absolute returns, and we wait for the appropriate conditions to be created to invest in all reliable instruments that can generate profits in the financial markets.

In addition to the investment models we have created with a number of relevant variables to make an investment decision, we aim to create maximum advantage from price movements that may occur instantly.

We take care that the portfolios consisting of the instruments we invest in are in line with the risk expectations of the investors; We offer optimal solutions by calculating instrument-based, sectoral and general economic risks.

In addition, we use the necessary risk management methods to limit the industry and sector concentrations of the portfolio from being excessive or low and provide diversification on the basis of securities.

What is Asset Management?
Asset management activity within the scope of capital market legislation; Portfolios consisting of capital market instruments, money market instruments and transactions, futures and options, cash, foreign currency, deposits and other assets and transactions deemed appropriate by the Board, in line with the risk-return preference to be determined by the investor or portfolio manager, as a proxy within the framework of the portfolio management agreement to be made with the customers. defined as management. Frequently Asked Questions