Istanbul Portfoy... Always One Step Ahead...

Istanbul Portfoy...

Always One Step Ahead...

Within the scope of the Capital Market Regulations, Portfolio Management is managing portfolios consisting of capital market instruments, money market transactions and instruments, futures and options, cash, foreign exchange, deposit and other assets and operations approved by the committee, as a proxy under the portfolio management agreement and in accordance with risk-return profile determined by the investor or the portfolio manager.

When you choose Istanbul Portfoy, you’re choosing a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds, many of whom hold advanced degrees in finance from top schools in Turkey, who invest alongside with their clients, thus sharing the same risk and return. Our boutique approach ensures highly individualized service for each investor. 

Daily Prices for Mutual Funds

Istanbul Portfolio Money Market Fund - IPL

Istanbul Portfolio Short Term Debt Instruments Fund - IST

Istanbul Portfolio First Variable Mutual Fund - IPB

Istanbul Portfolio Second Variable Mutual Fund - ACD

Istanbul Portfolio Third Variable Mutual Fund - ISV (BUfon)

Istanbul Portfolio Equity Fund - ACK 

Allianz Yasam ve Emekliik Pera H Flexible Pension Fund - AMH
Antares Absolute Return Hedge Fund - IAN