Why İstanbul Portfolio?

Alignment of Interest: Our main difference from our peers is that we align our interests with our investors. As an independent firm owned by our principals, we are not beholden to outside shareholders nor the whims of a parent company's management. Owners of the fırm have a significant financial stake in its long-term success and invest a portion of their net worth alongisde their clients.


Boutique Approach: We offer high touch and personalized service, creating customized portfolios that reflect the individuality of each client. 


In-depth experience and pedigree: Our Co-Founders and Fund Managers have been working together for a long period of time.


Robust decision making process: We have the ability and flexibilty to act in a timely manner. Our thoughtful approach ensures clients' wealth is preserved over the long term, while avoiding the permanent loss of capital. 


Access to market information and research: We have access to the research of the best global and local houses, we filter this information based on our objective views and analysis. We have an unrivaled access to the regulatory agencies such as the Capital Markets Board (CMB), Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) and Central Bank of Turkey as well as the top executives of the major companies.